Nearly 6,000 Hens Saved From Slaughter By Egg Industry Advocates

The animals are destined to be rehomed privately or at local schools
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Hen Rescue

The hens are usually rehomed in groups of four to six

Nonvegan charity
The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) helped nearly 5,800 hens avoid slaughter
last week - despite being 'staunch supporters' of the British egg industry.

The British
Hen Welfare Trust 

The commodification of animals is clearly endorsed on the BHWT's website, wherein
the economic value of the egg industry is emphasised alongside guidelines to
animal welfare.

the charity also rehomes countless animals, which they usually keep in groups
of four or six, and give to either schools or individuals.

Many of the adoptees eggs are taken - although feeding them to to the hens that layed them is an alternative option.

Egg Industry

Hens will often eat their own eggs given the opportunity


The most
recent rescue relied largely on the help of dozens of volunteers, who collected
the hens from three local farms.

organization's Founder Jane Howorth said:
 "I am in awe of the dedication of our
volunteers around the country who make such a difference to so many hens.

the team at Hen Central do a phenomenal job in ensuring that the logistics are
all in place and the right hens get to the right homes at the right time."