Ontario Mink Farm Faces 14 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

The investigation is one of many to have occurred in Canada
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Fur Industry Cruelty

The charges include two counts of 'causing an animal to be in distress'

An Ontario mink farm is being charged with 14 counts of
animal cruelty in the wake of an investigation conducted by the Ontario Society For The Protection Of Animals (OSPCA).


The charges
laid against the mink farm are for ‘permitting’ and ‘causing an animal to be in
distress’, and for ‘failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention’,
‘general welfare’, or ‘appropriate sanitary conditions’ to the minks.


investigation began last February, after reports of poor conditions on the
premises reached the animal welfare organization.

Sick and
injured animals who were mishandled and poorly cared for were uncovered during
the process.

In one
, the OSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Jennifer Bluhm said: "No one is exempt from the law when it comes
to providing for the animals in their care."

Mink Farming

?The mink industry in Eastern Canada may be headed for collapse

Industry in jeopardy

The fur industry is showing
signs of distress throughout much of Canada.

While this investigation
follows a large scale undercover investigation conducted by the Kitchener
Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance, Eastern Canadian fur farms are shutting
and unable to repay government loans.