Michael Gove Blasts 'Law Breaking' Vegan Activists For Targeting Dairy Farmers

The Environment Secretary said that being a vegan is 'respectable; but that it is 'wrong' for activists to try and stop farmers from carrying out their business
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Some dairy farmers feel under attack

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has blasted vegan activists who 'interfere' with the production of dairy.

Speaking at the recent National Farmers' Union conference, Gove said that while he believes being vegan is 'respectable', farmers should not have to be 'in fear' of vegan activists.

Vegan activists

"I'm all for people who care about the environment having an opportunity to express their views pungently and clearly," he said.

"But I am absolutely opposed to people who are running proper businesses being stopped from running their businesses and being in fear as a result of people breaking the law.

"We do need to say people who are producing milk, who are doing it in a legal way, should be allowed to carry on their business without people interfering with it."

Environment Secretary Michael Gove

Environment Secretary Michael Gove

'Under pressure'

Following the recent release of Project Calf's online map, which details the addresses of over 9,000 UK farms and how to access them if there's a public footpath, some farmers have complained about feeling under increasing pressure.

Speaking about the map, David Exwood, South East chairman for the National Farmers Union, said: “Yes they are interested in the farms and want to see the animals. But some farmers live there with their families and it’s very intrusive having protesters turn up.

"At the end of the day, we have nothing to hide here but there is nothing we can do to stop them."