Major New Vegan Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions

Event organizers want to showcase the 'best of the vegan film world'
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Filmmakers are invited to send in their work

Filmmakers are invited to send in their work

An international vegan film festival set to launch later this year in Canada is now accepting submissions.

The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, which will take place on October 14, aims to showcase short and feature-length films with a vegan subject matter from filmmakers around the world.

The four categories open for submission are Health and Nutrition, Environmental Protection, Animal Advocacy, and Lifestyle. Short and feature films are being accepted, as well as documentary and fiction.


Festival Director Shawn Stratton told Plant Based News that the event was born of a desire to inspire as many people around the world as possible to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

He added: "Vegan-based documentaries have had a profound impact on mine and my wife's decision to switch to a plant-based diet.

"For me it was Forks Over Knives. I know many of these doctors have had a tremendous effect in getting people around the world to move to a vegan lifestyle."

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Stratton wants to support vegan filmmakers, by providing an avenue to show their films to new audiences and provide awards to help them get recognition for their projects.

Those who want to submit their films must do so before July 31 this year.

According to event organizers: "All entries will be viewed prior to the Festival by a pre-selection Committee chaired by the Festival Director and Programming Director. Finalists chosen by this Committee will be screened by an appointed international jury."

You can find out more about the festival - including how to submit your films - here