Live Export Company License Suspended After Animals Australia Exposé

The animal advocacy organization hopes to make the suspension permanent
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Emanuel Exports - the company exposed on 60 Minutes for
its shocking live transport conditions captured by Animals Australia - has officially
had its license suspended.


At the time of the exposé, a
Twitter post from 60 Minutes Australia showed images of animals on board an
Emanuel Exports ship en route to the Middle East.

Amidst a five-day heat wave, the
animals would 'cook from the inside out'.

The caption read: "Ship records
show that on the second day, 880 sheep die.

"That's one death every two


A Facebook post has now been made by Animals
Australia celebrating the suspension - as it marks a move away from long-haul
live export. 

It reads: "As of right now, Emanuel Exports can not load a
*single animal* on their ships.

"What you're doing is WORKING."


The post also urged users to help 'make this
permanent' - and save thousands of sheep from needless death during such trips.

Those who'd like to support the cause can sign
a petition on the Animals Australia website.