Two-Time UFC Jon 'Bones' Jones Is 90% Plant-Based - And Feeling His Best

The athlete thanked his fiancée Jessie for 'introducing [him] to this way of living'
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The athlete is enjoying eating mainly plant-based (Photo: Monster Energy)

The athlete is enjoying eating mainly plant-based (Photo: Monster Energy)

American mixed martial artist Jon 'Bones' Jones has revealed that he is eating a 90 percent plant-based diet.

The two-time light heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion shared the news on Instagram, with his 4.5 million followers.

'90% plant-based'

He posted two of his plant-based meals on Instagram - including a heavyweight salad dish and oats.

He captions the post: "Safe to say I’m like 90 percent #plantbased these days, never felt better. Want to thank my beautiful fiancée Jessie for introducing me to this way of living."


The post, which received 64,637 likes, seems to have received an overwhelmingly positive response.

One social media user said: " I [am] literally on the same wave. It's not so bad, the no meat thing."

Another added: "That looks delicious! I’m slowly making my transition as well."

*This article was updated on January 18 to add 'two-time light heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion. It previously said two-time lightweight Ultimate Fighting Champion