'Humans Should Grow Up And Ditch Cow's Milk' Says New Advert

The video by animal rights charity PETA says humans are the only species that drinks milk beyond babyhood - and it's time to change and opt for a plant-based alternative instead
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Vegan anti-dairy advert by PETA

It's time to ditch cow's milk, says the advert (Photo: PETA)

A new pro-vegan advert by animal rights charity PETA says humans are the only species to drink milk after weaning - and it's time to ditch it.

PETA partnered London creative agency Don't Panic to create the ad. The organizations' previous collaboration - Dog Milk - has garnered more than 10 million views across various platforms.

This new video shows a grown man as he rides around London on a tricycle, asks a stranger to feed him baby food and burp him, plays with his food, wears a nappy, and swigs cows' milk, in what PETA describes a bid to 'highlight the absurdity of drinking milk after weaning'.

The ad by vegan charity PETA

'Go vegan'

The prank video urges viewers to ditch dairy 'products' and go vegan, saying: "It's time we grew up."

"Humans have the embarrassing distinction of being the only species on the planet to drink another animal's milk and to do so into adulthood," says PETA Director Elisa Allen. "PETA hopes this video gets some laughs while also serving as a wake-up call to grown-ups that drinking a cow's mammary secretions is as inappropriate as asking to be burped."

PETA adds that vegan milks made from soy, coconut, almonds, oats, and hemp 'are an age-appropriate, healthy, and delicious option for thirsty humans'.

You can watch the whole advert on YouTube here