Hanoi Government Discourages Dog Meat Consumption

Officials cite concerns of rabies and a tarnished city image
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Dog Meat in Vietnam

Dog meat is still considered a delicacy in many countries

Hanoi's Government is urging the public to stop eating dog meat, citing concerns of rabies and tarnishing the image of the Vietnamese capital.

A written statement from Vice Mayor Nguyen Van Suu said that the practice could 'negatively impact the image' of Hanoi as a 'civilized and modern' city internationally.

He also mentioned concerns of rabies being spread via dog meat in the event of improper raising and slaughter of the animals - a risk which has been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

'No problem'

The Vice Mayor is not without opposition - dog meat restaurateur Nguyen Thi Minh spoke in defence of the practice.

She said: "People eat dog meat and there's no problem.

"I serve customers from South Korea, the United States and other countries."

South Korea Dog Meat Trade

Nearly one million people signed a petition against dog meat in South Korea


However, dog meat has been the source of significant international controversy in recent years, despite the fact that eating other animals is a widely accepted practice.

In South Korea, animal protection campaigners delivered a petition against dog meat signed directly to the President's residence - while in Indonesia, the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition (DMFIC) launched an campaign in August backed by a number of famous faces.