Vegan?Documentary?'The Game Changers' To Star Lewis Hamilton And The Tennessee Titans

The vegan-interest film, executive produced by Hollywood heavyweight James Cameron,?has?been?through?a?second?cut
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The Game Changers

The film will be released next year The film debuted at Sundance (Photo: The Game Changers)

The team behind vegan documentary The Game Changers has made an exciting announcement.

A second cut of of the highly-anticipated film - which is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by Oscar-winner James Cameron - has been made.

The new cut includes F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

Vegan documentary

"Over the past six months we had the opportunity to include two more game-changing stories - the NFL's Tennessee Titans and five-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton — which in turn led to a brand new, and much improved, final cut of the film," the production team announced on Instagram.

The trailer for the film

Global rollout

It added: "Please know that we continue to work hard to ensure that the final cut of The Game Changers will be made widely available as soon as possible."

You canfind out more about the documentary here

*This article was amended on November 27 to remove information the production company subsequently embargoed.