Florida Teacher Shown On Video Drowning Raccoons With Students

The school's superintendent has gone on record saying the teacher should be fired
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Raccoons Drowned

The teacher reportedly killed two raccoons and one opossum

A Florida
teacher is currently being investigated after reports that he has been drowning
raccoons with his students.


to students, parents, and video,
The Forest High School teacher enlisted his class' help
in killing two raccoons and one opossum in a large garbage can.

and video submitted by one upset teen show a raccoon trapped in a metal cage,
being held under water by students - an act which his mother described as 'torture'.

The teacher reportedly claimed the raccoons were killing the class' chickens,
but drowned the opossum just for ‘sport’.


The superintendent has said the teacher should be fired

'Questionable' actions

The school's
superintendent Heidi Maier has said the teacher should be fired.

Another school
representative said that while the his actions were not illegal, they
were certainly 'questionable'.


The mother
of the student who submitted the video said its contents make her 'sick' and
that she doesn't 'think that's the way to treat any animal'.

She added: "They
should have trapped the animal and had somebody take them and relocate the