Famous Saudi Cleric Says: 'Stop Eid Animal Sacrifice - Give Money To The Poor'

The cleric says many poor people could be helped with the money
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A famous Saudi cleric has called on Muslims to stop sacrificing animals for Eid - and instead give the money to the poor.

The move has been hailed as 'huge' by vegan Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed Alsaud, who shared a video of the cleric making the comments on his Facebook page.


The cleric says (according to the video's subtitles): "What is the sacrifice? It's just a sheep that you slaughter, that's all.

"In the past, people valued the sacrifice, because they only ate meat once a year. It made them happy.

"Now we have so many doctors who warn people from consuming meat and animal fat. People suffer from high cholesterol and other diseases.

"Things have changed. The cost of sacrifice is 1,300, 1,300 times 1 million is how much - 1.3 billion. 

"If 1.3 billion was distributed among charity organizations, for example, if the Association of Righteousness was given 600 million for house rents of the poor, how many poor families would that help!"


The video has had some positive comments.

Facebook user Hala Al-Jazi wrote: "Thanks for sharing and thanks for highlighting how positive and bright our religion is!

"Every day you prove that you are standing up for what you are believing in even if you are standing alone! [sic]."

Bernie Berlin added: "That's Amazing!!! Save the animals and save people. Win/Win [sic]."


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