WATCH: Ex-dairy Farmer Says There Is 'Nothing Okay About Dairy Farming'

The woman warned viewers to think twice before purchasing dairy
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The woman described calves that were 'scared' and 'desperate'

The woman described calves that were 'scared' and 'desperate'

An ex-farmer
has said there is 'nothing okay about dairy farming' in a recently released video
from animal rights organisation Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE).

In the
video, shared to social media by the New Zealand branch of the organisation,
one woman recounts her work in animal agriculture, explaining why she departed from the industry.


describes having to separate calves from their mothers - being met with fear
and desperation from the calves, while their mothers were 'beside

also was the fact that the cows have no control over their bodies, or the fate
of their offspring, while they are repeatedly forcefully impregnated - 'year after


Having told
her story, the woman also advised that consumers think twice before purchasing

She said: "So
when SAFE and other organisations like them tell you what happens in the dairy
industry, take it on board so you can make and informed choice."