New Eco-Friendly Card 'Biodegrades In 1 to 5 Years'

Wherever it may end up, be it on the ground, in a landfill, in the ocean or a lake or even in your back garden, the card will break down and completely biodegrade in one to five years leaving absolutely no trace of its existence
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Vegannection will be launching a biodegradable card soon (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)

Vegannection will be launching a biodegradable card soon (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)

A virtual prepaid vegan card is launching in physical form - and it's biodegradable.

The Vegannection virtual card used to operate via your Smartphone, offering users and vegan businesses a host of benefits. It is free to sign up, there is no credit check, and no bank account is needed. Other benefits include no monthly fees, no transfer or transaction fees, two percent cash back on every purchase, and a 0.5 percent donation to a vegan cause of your choice every time you use it.

Now, at the request of users, the company has created a physical version, but in keeping with the brand’s ethos, it had to be environmentally-friendly, and not damaging to the planet.


Speaking about the process of choosing the right material for the card, a Vegannection spokesperson told Plant Based News: "In the end, we chose BIO PVC, rigid PVC product made from normal PVC resin but with a special ingredient added to the base formula to make the PVC film biodegradable. This ingredient draws microbes to the surface of the card where they then produce acids that break apart the polymer chain.

"The end result is Vegannection’s physical card that biodegrades in nine months to five years whilst in constant contact with a fertile environment such as soil, water, compost or wherever there is continual contact with microorganisms. The bioremediation works both in an aerobic or anaerobic environment so it even breaks down where there is no oxygen or water."


Although the official launch date for the card has not yet been announced, Vegannection will be celebrating the occasion with a pre-launch giveaway.

As of today, anyone who spends at least £10 with their virtual Vegannection card, before the official launch of the physical card, will get it for free.

To sign up and start shopping today get your own virtual card from Vegannection here

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