Rapper Drake Urged To End Partnership With Canada Goose After He Confirms He Doesn't Eat Animals

The musician also hinted he was plant-based in a post on social media
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Will Drake drop Canada Goose? (Photo: Instagram)

Will Drake drop Canada Goose? (Photo: Instagram)

Rapper Drake has been urged to ditch Canada Goose after hinting he's plant-based - and confirming that he doesn't eat meat.

The musician currently oversees a partnership between his company, October's Very Own [OVO], and Canada Goose - a controversial brand which uses coyote fur and goose down in its designs.


According to animal rights charity PETA, it has written to Drake, informing him that 'the fur on Canada Goose jackets comes from coyotes whose necks are crushed or whose legs are cut to the bone - making their deaths excruciatingly painful, terrifying, and prolonged'.

It added that geese also suffer immeasurably in the production of these garments.

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO - Canada Goose garments involve extreme cruelty

'Do better'

The group believes Drake could 'do better'.

PETA said: "There's no excuse for an artist and role model of your caliber to disregard the acute suffering of these sensitive, feeling beings.

"Please cut ties with this company immediately, and moving forward, partner only with progressive brands that don't harm animals.

You canfind out more about how to support PETA in asking Drake to ditch Canada Goose here