Domestic Cat ‘Mutilation’ Finally Banned In Nova Scotia

Now campaigners want a ban enforced nationwide
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Scratching is completely natural behavior (Photo: Marko Blaževi?)

Scratching is completely natural behavior (Photo: Marko Blaževi?)

Nova Scotia will be the first Canadian province to ban the declawing of cats - effective from March 15, 2018.

'Declawing' refers to removing a cat's claws - generally because of concerns around scratching furniture, people, or other animals.

But experts say the term is a misnomer, and the practice is extremely cruel, describing it as 'mutilation'.

According to vet Dr. Tara Hudye: "You think you are just literally taking out the claw, but it’s not that way it’s a toe amputation."

Experts assert that scratching is normal and should be addressed with proper training, nail trimming, and tools like scratching posts - not amputation. 


Dr. Hugh Chisholm - who is a veterinarian and Director of Atlantic Canada’s branch of animal welfare organization, The Paw Projectv - put forward the motion to prohibit unnecessary declawing, and has refused to 'declaw' since the 1990s saying it doesn't benefit the animals.

He adds: "You are amputating 10 bones from 10 digits on the paws of a cat, and if that doesn't constitute mutilation, I don't know what does." 

In addition to the agony of the procedure itself, declawing can cause further complications - such as arthritis, behavioural changes and displaced bone fragments - for cats big and small.

'Barbaric amputation'

Chisholm says The Paw Project will now push to extend the ban - which was prompted by much of the general public, as well as animal activists, and veterinarians - nationwide.

This will follow examples set by the UK, Australia, and much of Europe.

He says: "When I explain what a declaw actually is, close to 95 percent of people actually say, 'oh my god! I would never do that to my cat'."


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