'Dairy Lovers' Send Violent Death Threats To Vegan Activist

Animal advocate Joey Carbstrong has been inundated with angry messages telling him to 'jump off a cliff' and another saying 'when I get my hands on you...you're dead'
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Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong

Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong reads his hate mail (Photo: YouTube)

Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong has been slammed with hate mail - including death threats - from what he describes as 'dairy lovers'.

The negative comments started rolling in after Carbstrong made a YouTube video about former dairy farmer Casey Treloar. Treloar posted a video on Facebook, complaining that her family farm was being put out of business.

In response to Treloar, Carbstrong said he was sympathetic, but that the dairy industry is abusive to animals and that Treloar can 'get another job'.

Death threats

Carbstrong's response video was shared by multiple media outlets who branded him a 'smug vegan'. As a result, he has been slammed with negative comments from anti-vegans.

"You dirty little lying fascist, when I get my hands on you, you malnourished f*ck, you're dead. Dead," one said.

Carbstrong also shared a message he was sent via his website which said: "If you do not apologize to Casey in the next 24 hours, we are coming after you. Make NO mistake."

"Hey f*ckwit. I'm going to feed you my meat fist and smash your weak teeth down your throat if I see you anywhere. You're a pathetic weak c*nt and I hope violence finds you soon," another wrote.

Violent threats

"I've received multiple threats of violence and actual death threats from many angry dairy lovers, so I decided to respond in a YouTube video to try to analyze the psychology of those who are so triggered and opposed to my views on animal ethics," Carbstrong said about the threats.

"I thought vegans were supposed to be the militant and extreme one...I get accused of being a militant, extreme vegan...and accused of being violent (but) what is this?"