New Cooking Show Veganizes Classic Cakes

Global favorites include English Battenberg, Chinese Moon Cakes, and Mexican Tres Leches Cake among others
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A new cookery show which shows how to veganize classic cakes will debut online next month.

Vegan Around The World, hosted by baker and author Sara Kidd will debut on Facebook on July 12, and will be available to watch through her dedicated Patreon account.

The series was created in collaboration with Nature's Charm, a vegan food company selling products including coconut desserts among others.

'A vegan twist'

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, a spokesperson said: "Retro baking sweetheart, Sara Kidd, walks us through many delicious, traditional cake recipes and recreates them with a vegan twist.

"Some of these famous cakes include the Swedish Princess Cake, the Mexican Tres Leches Cake, the English Battenberg Cake, the Persian Love Cake, and Chinese Moon Cakes.

"This series aims to inspire people to bake their favorite cakes with vegan ingredients, so vegan viewers can have their cake and eat it too! Each episode comes with a dedicated web page that includes the recipe and baking notes."

You can find more of Sara Kidd's recipes on her YouTube channel here