'Blue Planet' Inspires Budget 2017: 'We Have To Ensure Our Planet Has A Future'

The Chancellor wants to tackle some environmental issues
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Will anti-plastic measures go far enough? (Photo: Aron Urb EU2017EE)

Will anti-plastic measures go far enough? (Photo: Aron Urb EU2017EE)

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond is currently delivering his much-anticipated Autumn Budget.

The politician has outlined some environmental concerns - and how he wants to tackle them.


Hammond mentioned BBC TV series Blue Planet - which has highlighted planetary issues - when introducing his plans on plastic.

In a bid to reduce ocean pollution, the Government is looking at introducing a tax on single-use plastics, including bubble wrap and takeaway boxes.

A small levy could be added to these items (similar to the 5p charge on plastic bags) to try and tackle the issue.

Hammond said: "I will investigate tax on single-use plastic because we cannot keep promises unless we ensure our planet has a future."

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has also said he wants to tackle plastic waste.


In addition, Hammond looked at how to move away from emission-heavy diesel vehicles in favor of electric cars.

The Chancellor pledged £400m to create a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

From 2018, there will also be an increase in tax for on certain vehicles that produced higher CO2 emissions.

At the time of going to press, Hammond had not mentioned any plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture.


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