Boris Johnson Announces Strategy To Protect World's Oceans

The Government wants to support the 'long-term health of the marine environment'
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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Photo: Arno Mikkor/EU2017EE)

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Photo: Arno Mikkor/EU2017EE)

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has unveiled a plan to try and protect the world's oceans.

According to Johnson, for the first time ever, all of the Government's international oceans work will be brought together under a single strategy, which will be developed over the coming months.

Work from a number of departments - including Defra, BEIS, DfT and DIT - will be brought together in creating the strategy, in a bid to support 'the long-term prosperity of the UK and the long-term health of the marine environment'.

'Environmental concerns'

Speaking on a visit to the National Oceanography Centre [NOC], Boris Johnson said: "Britain has a proud and ancient maritime history, but our commitment to the oceans must be enshrined in our future. Today in Southampton I’ve heard from world-leading UK experts on marine protection, and what more the UK can do to help.

"We need to improve and energise international ocean governance to protect the world’s seas and their ecosystems, to keep our people and goods safe, and to support sustainable economic growth, as well as to deliver our ambitious environmental commitments.

"Utilizing expertise across government, Britain will stay at the leading edge of international marine excellence."