Bluesfest Preparation On Hold For Bird And Her Eggs

Organizers have hired a security guard to protect the killdeer
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The killdeer is a federally protected species

Preparations for major Canadian music festival Bluesfest - which is held in Ottawa and averages more than 300,000
attendees - have been put on hold upon the discovery of an occupied bird's nest
on site.


killdeer is a nationally protected species, so organizers are unable to move forward, at risk of disturbing the bird and her four eggs.

University Naturalist Michael Runtz told CBC that even a slight displacement could
prompt the mother to abandon her nest.

Nest at Bluesfest

The eggs can take up to 28 days to hatch

Due date

The species' eggs, which in this case lay at the intended site of a main stage, can take up
to 28 days to hatch - while Bluesfest is set to begin next Thursday.

are seeking government approval to move the nest, but in the meantime have
hired a security guard to ensure that the protected species remains protected.