The BBC Interviews Vegan Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown

An increasing number of broadcasters are creating content questioning food production methods
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Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown eats a Beyond Burger

Ethan Brown was interviewed by the BBC (Photo: Beyond Meat)

The BBC has published an extended interview with vegan entrepreneur and Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown.

The feature precedes tonight's screening of its dairy investigationThe Dark Side of Dairy - part of its Scottish Disclosures' series - tapping into growing interest around plant-based food production as well as questions around the ethics of animal agriculture.

Vegan boss

The BBC interviewed Brown as part of its series The Boss, which 'profiles a different business leader from around the world' every week.

During the interview, Brown spoke about rebuilding meat from plants, struggling to keep up with demand, and how much effort it takes to build a successful company, as well as his biggest challenge - getting people to stop seeing plant meat as 'fake meat'.

He said: "I would never call it that. We don't call a mobile phone a fake phone - it's a better phone than a landline. We have to get people to think about it this way."

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'Disproportionate vegan coverage'

The BBC's interview with Brown is likely to displease some groups: the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), which includes meat industry representatives has complained that veganism receives a 'disproportionate' amount of media coverage relative to the number of vegans in the UK - which The Vegan Society places at around 600,000.

According to AHDB Senior Consumer Insight Analyst Susie Stannard: "Only a tiny minority of the population are actually vegan, with meat and dairy remaining cornerstones of the British diet.

"But veganism receives a disproportionate amount of media attention."