Autralian Lamb Advert 'So Bad It's Turning People Vegan'

Creatives said the theme of the piece is 'unity'
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People are reportedly 'turning vegan' in response to how bad the latest Australian lamb advert is.

The advert by Meat and Livestock Australia [MLA], riffs off musical West Side Story (it is called Lamb Side Story) in its attempts to use satire.

It showcases two rival factions - the extreme right and left - who fight through song before finding common ground in a plate of lamb chops.


According to MLA’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lisa Sharp, the theme of the ad is 'unity'.

She said: "We are celebrating freedom of choice, freedom of speech and our nation’s ability to put aside our differences and join together over a lamb barbecue."

The ad was criticized on social media (Photo: Twitter)

The ad was criticized on social media (Photo: Twitter)

Vegan now

But the ad has come in for sharp criticism from social media users.

Australian Huffington Post writer Josh Butler tweeted: "I just watched the terrible lamb ad and I think I'm a raw vegan now."

Another user added: "After seeing the latest lamb ad I've decided to become vegetarian."

However one Twitter user thinks the brand has purposefully courted controversy with its ad, writing: "Ad designed to be controversial enough to get free coverage from the media while not going far enough to be pulled....
every year....yawn."