Asheville Hosts First City-Wide Vegan Challenge To Hit The US

The challenge is part of the city's commitment to 'sustainable growth' and 'better quality of life'
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Asheville Vegan Challenge

The week-long event is endorsed my Mayor Esther Manheimer (Photo: Facebook)

A city-proclaimed vegan challenge - the first of its kind nationwide - has been declared in
Asheville, North Carolina.


The 'Official
Vegan Challenge Week', which runs from June 4 to 10, coincides with the
Asheville VeganFest, which starts Friday, June 8 and finishes that Sunday.

Endorsed by
Mayor Esther Manheimer herself, the event is a collaboration between the city, Brother
Wolf Animal Rescue,
and regional hospital Mission Health.


The City Of
Asheville has released an official proclamation, signed by Manheimer, which
outlines both official events, as well as the motivation behind them.

Giving a
brief overview of the 'impacts of our food choices on the well being of
animals, human health, the environment, wildlife extinction, and climate change' - the document notes data pertinent to said choices.

Facts noted include the 70 billion plus animals killed in agriculture annually, the 'Sixth
Great Mass Extinction of Species' we're currently in the midst of, the mortality
rate associated with diet-related ailments, and environmental factors such as
climate change and deforestation.

Eastern Puma Extinction

?The eastern puma is one of many species recently declared extinct


Indicated also
in the document is that the city is 'committed to improving the quality of life for its citizens; and to sustainable growth and development'. 

Asheville goes so far as to encourage not only individual citizens - but
businesses and institutions - to participate in the week-long event.