Animal Cruelty Charges Pressed After High School Teacher Allegedly Fed Puppy to Turtle

Some parents are framing the incident as an act of mercy
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Idaho high
school teacher Robert Crosland has been charged with animal cruelty after reportedly
feeding a sick puppy to a turtle in front of his students.


This marks
the second investigation of a US high school teacher under the suspicion of
animal cruelty in less than a month - after aFlorida educator drowned raccoons
with his students
in May.

for a crime of this nature could include fines not exceeding $5,000, or up to
six months incarceration.

The turtle was a non-native species, and has since been euthanised

The turtle was a non-native species, and has since been euthanised

Divided parents

to the Florida case, the investigation was sparked by concerned parents.

some parents have expressed support for Crosland including Farahlyn Hansen who
took to Facebook to argue that the death of the puppy was an act of mercy.

The animals

She wrote: "It
was sick, wouldn't accept food, and was dying.

"All of the
three kids that were there felt Robert did the humane and right thing."

After being
informed of the incident, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture euthanized
the turtle, who was a member of a non-native species.