'90% Vegan' Badminton Star Gronya Somerville Dispels Protein Myths

The athlete says vegans can get all the nutrients they need
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Plant-based badminton player

Somerville and her partner are ranked 36 in women's doubles badminton (Photo: Facebook)

Badminton champ Gronya Somerville, who eats a '90 percent' vegan diet, says plants have 'plenty' of protein.

Somerville, an Australian native ranked 36 in women's doubles badminton, sat down with South China Morning Post this week to discuss her career, and her diet.


She said: "Both my coach and my doctor were very supportive when I decided to become a vegetarian, or rather 90 percent vegan.

"There are so many myths surrounding veganism. People are especially concerned about protein but there are plenty of sources of both protein and all other necessary nutrients available to vegans."

When asked her favorite dish, she said: "I absolutely love vegan dim sum and burritos."

Vegan ice-cream

Somerville often shares food pictures with her followers (Photo: Instagram)


Somerville currently has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, and often shares meat-free food pictures with her followers.

One such post from the athlete included a caption that read: "Oops...Vegan pizza and icecream kinda day #treatyoself #vegan."