9 Horses Found Dead At Farm After Animal Cruelty Charges

One veterinarian said the animals were eating a fence in an attempt to stay alive
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Cruelty To Horses

The surviving horses appeared emaciated

Nine horses
have been found dead at a farm in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario only a day after the property's
three renters were charged with animal cruelty.


charges against the renters were laid by the OSPCA after 14 horses and one pony
were discovered on the property, emaciated in appearance.

The nine
dead horses were dug up as part of the investigation that followed.


bodies were originally discovered by neighbor Louise Leifer, and her dog Jax.

said one mound of dirt on the property drew Jax's attention, and she quickly
realized that there were animals buried there.

She added: “All the body parts were kind of hanging

Horse Welfare

The property's owner described the treatment of the animals as 'horrifying'


owner Michael Cheung said:
"This is quite horrifying. 

"I want people to see
what they have done."

veterinarian Oscar Calvete said he'd found blood on the
property - and presented further evidence of the animal's mistreatment.

He said: "You
can see all over the place that the fence has been chewed down and that they
just didn't have any other choice, that they tried to survive on