81% Of Vegans 'Experience Prejudice' - Including Being Tricked Into Eating Meat

New data shows a huge proportion of vegans face backlash
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A man and woman eat together looking sad

Some vegans say they have been tricked into eating animals (Photo: Licensed from Adobe, do not use without permission)

A staggering 81 percent of vegans claim to have 'experienced prejudice' as a result of being vegan, Plant Based News can reveal.

A poll from Lifesum - a global health app with more than 30 million users - asked US and UK vegan users whether they had ever 'encountered prejudice' and, if so, the situations in which it had occurred.

According to the results, 92 percent of respondents said they experienced negative reactions from friends and family, 59 percent whilst dining out, 55 percent in the workplace, and 21 percent whilst shopping in a market or grocery store.

Vegan backlash

Those who had experienced some sort of backlash were asked to cite situations - which were shared with PBN.

"I rarely mention the word 'vegan' because I've had such negative experiences where people are rude and defensive after I describe myself as such," one poll respondent said.

"People have purposely put meat in products to see if I will eat it/try and trick me," another added.