'First Time They Saw The Sun': 640 Turkeys Involved In Motorway Smash

Social media users asked people to rescue the birds
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The fate of all the turkeys is currently unknown (Photo: WorcsHighways&Travel)

The fate of all the turkeys is currently unknown (Photo: WorcsHighways&Travel)

Earlier today a trailer carrying 640 turkey was turned over after a motorway smash.

West Midland Ambulance Service, Hereford Fire and Rescue Service, West Mercia Police and the RSPCA all attended the scene of the incident in Worcestershire between junction five of the motorway and the A38 at Wychbold.

The crash took place at around 11am.

Rescue bid

Social media users took to Twitter in a bid to save some of the animals.

Vegan social media user Ayrtonnn said: "URGENT!! Can anyone get out to the M5 junction at Droitwich please?

"There are Turkeys on the Droitwich Road that need saving!! A lorry has overturned!! [sic]."

The fate of the birds is currently unknown.

10 million turkey are killed at Christmas in the UK

10 million turkey are killed at Christmas in the UK


An animal charity responded to the news, saying people concerned with the animals' welfare should go vegan.

Humane Society International [HSI] Media and Campaigns Manager Harriet Barclay said: "The trailer crash is likely the first time that these turkeys saw the sun or felt the wind in their feathers because the majority of the 10 million turkeys who are killed in the UK for Christmas dinner are raised in over-crowded indoor sheds. 

"These birds were likely on their way to be slaughtered for Christmas, and so we would urge everyone who has been concerned for their welfare in the crash to consider their lifetime of suffering and choose to keep turkey off their plates this Christmas. 

"With a huge range of delicious meat-free alternatives to choose from, being compassionate this Christmas has never been easier or tastier."


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