'By 2050 The Majority Of Meat, Dairy, Eggs Will Be Animal-Free', Says Vegan Advocate

Advocates believe vegans are overcoming obstacles which held back the vegan movement
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Battery hens laying eggs

Reese says animal agriculture is unsustainable in its current format (Photo: Licensed from Adobe. Do not re-use without permission)

The majority of meat, eggs, and dairy in high-income countries will be animal-free by 2050, according to a thought-leader in the vegan movement.

Jacy Reese is a writer, social scientist, and co-founder of the Sentience Institute. He made these comments in a speech at the International Animal Rights Conference this year.

He believes these products will largely plant-based or 'clean' - i.e. lab cultured in just over 30 years.

Jacy Reese believes the food system will change immensely in the coming decades

Vegan movement

While the Sentience Institute recognizes that animals are exploited and abused in various global industries, it focuses on the food system, because of the number of animals who are slaughtered by it. And Reese believes much progress has been made in this area.

"In the US movement now we don't have to spend much time explaining to people that there is horrific cruelty in the food system. Instead, we have to tackle more practical challenges like 'how do you get protein?'.

"While that sucks, it's a big step forward from the moral discussion.

Watch Jacy Reese's full speech on YouTube